I am not sure anyone has ever really asked me why I love it, but anyone around me knows that I am passionate about genealogy.  I am not even sure that I can put into words why I work such long, hard hours chasing names on paper, or websites, or what thrills me about finally finding an old photo to put with a name, or actually getting to go visit an old cemetery and see where one of our ancestors is buried beneath that old headstone, which at times are barely readable and often in disrepair.  Or, how exciting it is to read a story, see a record, or info other than just the name and date of birth or death, about that ancestor.

I started my research in earnest over thirty years ago, when I first got married to my husband, and we started digging for info on both families.  My mom was very interested in it, and my dad and sister had done some research in my dad’s birth state years ago.  My husband’s aunt also had a lot of information in their family bible, and I started copying all of that down and transferring it to PAF, and my filing cabinet began filling up.  I was hooked and I’ve never turned back, or lost interest.  At times there are more pressing things at hand with the live persons in my life, raising kids, retiring and starting a new job with the hubby, than chasing the dead relatives, but I always return to my passion of researching our family history.  These last few years have gotten even more exciting with all of the technology and information available more readily to researchers.

This last year, through Ancestry.com member connect, I met a second cousin who has since become a dear friend to me.  We have even met up in North Carolina twice now, and a few weeks ago were exploring our family’s history together as we walked around some cemeteries together.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  These are the things that keep the genealogy spark lit in me as I piece together our family quilt in this wonderful world of genealogy.

Happy Piecing!